Tyh Supplies 5 Mil Hot Clear Glossy Thermal Laminating Pouches Lamination Sheet Laminator Pockets Business Card Size 2.3" x 3.7" Qty 100 Pack

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  • Compatible with any standard thermal pouch laminator
  • Business card size for protecting your business cards and small documents
  • Size - 2.3 X 3.7 inches. Thickness - 5 Mil
  • Photo safe: High quality - no bubbling, curling or getting stuck
  • Item will come in Box containing 100 laminating pouches

  • These laminating pouches are of high quality and are made of the best combination of plastics to insure the best results.

    Directions: Feed the pouches into the laminator closed end first, set the temperature of the laminator to 248° F (120° C) (4.5 - 5) for perfect lamination. Size info: 1 Mil is a thousandth of an inch (0.001?), 5 Mil is 0.005". - Outside the United States, laminating film is measured in microns rather than mils. A micron is a thousandth of a millimeter (0.001 millimeters) these laminating pouches are 125 microns thick.